Finding your Three Blocks Long w/ Jeanne Bliss


When you retire, will people line up to say goodbye to you?

What legacy are you going to leave when all is said and done?  

If you invest in the humanity of your employees, tell them the truth, and equip them with the tools to do their jobs and do them fearlessly, you’re going to leave the kind of legacy that you can be proud of.  

On this episode of Conversations that Matter, we sit down with Jeanne Bliss, Founder and CEO at Customer Bliss for a discussion all about humanity, AI, and so much more.  

On the show we discussed:   

  • How the 3 block-long line of people saying goodbye to her father at retirement shaped the way she approaches her career 
  • Why the ability to swivel is more important now than ever before.  
  • How, with the right set of metrics, AI can be the game changer in your customer contact center  

Links discussed in the podcast:  

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