Technology or Humanity? Why Not Both? w/ Jeannie Walters


Humans or technology?  

When we’re talking about customer experience, and what makes a fantastic customer experience, the question is always asked, “Do we place more emphasis on technology or humanity?”

Meaning, do we invest more in AI and automation, or do we rely on the people to give that human touch?

What if the answer is both? What if it’s not an either/or, but a both/and? What if, in order to build an AI tool that is truly representative of the customer base, you have to have a broad representation of actual humans? A group that looks like your customers?  

On this episode of Conversations that Matter, we sit down with Jeannie Walters,  

CEO & Chief Customer Experience Investigator at Experience Investigators, for a conversation all about:   

  • What brands have to understand about customer experience to set themselves apart 
  • Being a part of the team that delivered the first online insurance quote in history 
  • Breaking down silos in order to deliver a winning strategy 
  • Measuring the effectiveness of remote working 

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