Customer Service- The Future of Work is Now w/ Rob Scott


The impact of COVID-19 on customer service has revealed things to companies that they perhaps either never would have seen, or in some cases, weren’t ready to see.  

What it has shown everyone is that technology is mandatory. Critical to help employees be more productive and lower support costs.  

Rob Scott from UC Today joins the podcast to discuss the future of the workplace,  customer service trends and how contact centers are adapting.  

Founder and Publisher of UC Today, which attracts an international audience of UC Professionals and IT Leaders from vendor, service provider, reseller and end user organisations. 

Rob Scott, Publisher, UC Today 

What we talked about:  

  • Covid 19 and how companies are adapting to a homebound workforce 
  • Ways to use existing tech or ramp up tech to accommodate forced changes  
  • What the future holds for communications tech  

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